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Fjällräven was created with a pioneering attitude that things can get better. Tougher, stronger, simpler, more sustainable – regardless of how others do it. As we move into the wild with a rifle over our shoulder, our hunting gear matches the classic Fjällräven formula of wilderness expertise and an endless drive for timeless function, feel and durability. Enabling a rich outdoor experience, without sacrificing the environment.

We call it conscious hunting.

Conscious of performance for active upland stalking, or of versatility on long days of cold solitude. Conscious of great fit, with jackets and trousers that are roomy or tight in the right places. Conscious of quality since every fiber, stitch, material and man-hour has passed the toughest of filters on its way to your canvas weekend bag. And conscious of leaving the forest the way we found it. The Fjällräven Hunting collection is all about making the most of any hunting situation. So you can enjoy the deafening silence. Hear a bird’s chirp. Note a tree’s creak. And smile to the soft pop of a coffee thermos. We all put ourselves in this setting for a reason. By choice. To study and learn. Maybe understand. Become skilled at knowing the game. Distinguishing this from that. Seeing what’s what. Getting a feel for when’s when.

The collection comprehensively mirrors Swedish hunting with three distinct lines:

  • Lappland is our active series, created for intense days.
  • Värmland is developed for comfortable stillness and solitude.
  • Sörmland is focused on versatile hunting and everyday use.
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  • Manteau Drev

    Manteau Drev

    Veste confortable pour la chasse active, en G-1000 Silent Eco doux avec doublure imperméab...

    449,99 $
  • Chandail Koster

    Chandail Koster

    Pull tricoté en laine d'agneau avec renforcements en G-1000 au niveau des épaules....

    209,99 $
  • Henley Lappland en Mérinos à Manches Longues

    Henley Lappland en Mérinos à Manches Longues

    Sweatshirt à manches longues doux et léger en laine de mérinos. Boutons en corozo sur l’ou...

    174,99 $
  • Pantalons Fuselé Sörmland

    Pantalons Fuselé Sörmland

    Pantalon de chasse en G-1000 Silent Eco robuste, silencieux et confortable avec jambes en ...

    174,99 $
  • Chandail à Col Rond Sörmland

    Chandail à Col Rond Sörmland

    Pull en tricot de laine d'agneau douce et chaude avec panneaux de G-1000 Eco sur les coude...

    179,99 $
  • Chemise de Flanelle Forest

    Chemise de Flanelle Forest

    Chemise à manches longues avec ajustement Confort, dans une flanelle de coton brossée doub...

    164,99 $
9 article(s)
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