Fjällräven as an employer

At Fjällräven it is our employees, based all around the world, that make up the backbone of the company. If our employees feel satisfied and appreciated, we know they will perform well. We believe in providing them with safe and healthy working conditions. We respect each individual’s integrity, and we treat people fairly. We encourage a balanced lifestyle, and we strive to offer all our employees the possibility of personal development. It is also important to us, as a company in the outdoor industry, that our employees are given the chance to experience our products first hand and learn about nature and the environment.

Staff development and training

Essential for the long-term development of our company is recruitment. We need to be able to attract and retain suitable and talented people, at every level. In order to make our company attractive to employees, we provide training to develop employees’ skills and we train our employees in sustainability matters. We carry out performance reviews and career development meetings with our employees.

Supplier management

Any company that depends on diverse and global supply chains must ensure that relations with suppliers allow open and honest dialogue, being able to address challenges and a mutual will to change things for the better. Having a specific Supplier Code of Conduct is an essential part of this. However, the level of trust required for this can only be built up over time and at Fjällräven we believe that spending time on developing positive long-standing relations with our suppliers is time well spent. When required, we offer training and support to help our partners live up to internationally agreed standards.

As of 2013 we are affiliated with the Fair Labor Association (FLA), a multi-stakeholder organization that specializes in supporting and training companies to raise the social conditions for workers and societies. We believe that with FLA at our side, partnerships will be strengthened and we will increase our chances of reaching our goals regarding workplace issues.

Wellbeing FjallRaven

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Whether you live in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Banff, Ottawa, Halifax, Edmonton, Saint John, Charlottetown, Saskatoon, St. John’s, Calgary, Winnipeg, or any other great Canadian city, Fjällräven Canada offers free delivery across Canada on all purchases over $69.00 dollars.


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